About Us

Originally from England, Roy & Mandy Bossons moved to Anguilla, BWI in 1981 and quickly put their experience as Pub managers to work as they opened a modest Fish & Chips shack beachside at Crocus Bay.  This soon grew to the original Roy's Place which remained open on Crocus Bay for nearly 25 years until Roy's Bayside Grill opened on Sandy Ground in 2004 and the original Roy's closed.

Now, Roy's Bayside Grill is the ultimate experience that Roy & Mandy have always wanted to offer their guests.  A great beachside location which is more accessible and within walking distance of night life.  With the new location came a new grilled fresh seafood and meats menu, but Roy has stayed true to his roots continuing to offer fish & chips and lobster bisque, the items that made him famous!

Roy & Mandy invite you to enjoy drinks, lunch, dinner, Friday Happy Hour or Sunday Roast Beef at Roy's beachside on Sandy Ground.  They want you to have an experience unique to you and enjoy the character, charm, whit and charisma that awaits diners as they enjoy the atmosphere that is Roy's Bayside Grill.